Before you begin

Before you begin you need to make sure you have the prerequisites in place.

Minimum knowledge

It’s recommended that you have a minimum knowledge about Istio, Anthos Service Mesh (ASM), Anthos Config Management (ACM), GitOps, etc. Here is a list of resources you could leverage to get some familiarities depending on where you are at with these concepts:

Based on these introductions, here are higly recommended resources to watch before running this workshop:

Your setup to run this workshop

You can run this workshop on Cloud Shell or on your local machine running Linux. Cloud Shell pre-installs all the required tools.

Install the required tools:

  • gcloud
  • kubectl
  • kustomize
  • git
  • gh (GitHub CLI)
  • kpt
  • curl
  • nomos
  • docker
  • crane

You need to have:

  • GCP account with the role owner in your Organization in order to deploy the resources needed for this workshop
  • GitHub account, it’s free. We will leverage GitHub throughout this workshop.