Scan workloads

Apps Operator Duration: 5 min | Persona: Apps Operator

In this section, you will monitor security scanning of your GKE workloads configurations in the Google Cloud console in order to leverage these two features:

Initialize variables:

source ${WORK_DIR}

In the Google Cloud console, navigate to Kubernetes Engine > Security Posture, click on the link displayed by the command below:

echo -e "${TENANT_PROJECT_ID}"

On the default Dashboard tab, find the GKE Posture settings tile. And for both features Workload configuration audit and Workload vulnerability audit, click on one of the Seclect clusters button, select your GKE cluster and click on the Turn on audit button.

Enable GKE Security Posture

Then you have to wait a little bit while these features are being enabled on your GKE cluster and eventually the audit will start:

Audit in progress. It can take up to 15 minutes to complete.

When the audit is done, you will be able to see the report of the vulnerabilities found. The Workload configuration audit will come first, Workload vulnerability audit will be generated later.

GKE Security Posture report

You will also be able to see in details the associated concerns:

GKE Security Posture concerns