Create Host project

Org Admin Duration: 5 min | Persona: Org Admin

In this section, you will create the Host project. This Google Cloud project will host the Config Controller instance later.

Two Google Cloud Projects will be created during this workshop, we will assign them your Billing Account Id. Set your Billing Account Id for the rest of the workshop:


These two Google Cloud Projects will be created either at the Folder level (recommended) or at the Organization level. Set your Folder Id or Organization Id for the rest of the workshop:


Define the file which will contain all the reusable environment variables leveraged throughout this workshop.

touch ${WORK_DIR}
chmod +x ${WORK_DIR}
RANDOM_SUFFIX=$(shuf -i 100-999 -n 1)
echo "export HOST_PROJECT_ID=acm-workshop-${RANDOM_SUFFIX}" >> ${WORK_DIR}
source ${WORK_DIR}

This source ${WORK_DIR} command will be particularly helpful if you are running this workshop from within Cloud Shell. You could run it every time your session timed out to reinitialize yoru environment variables.

Create Host project

Create the Config Controller’s GCP project either at the Folder level or the Organization level:

Create this resource at a Folder level:

gcloud projects create $HOST_PROJECT_ID \
    --folder $FOLDER_OR_ORG_ID \
    --name $HOST_PROJECT_ID

Alternatively, you could also create this resource at the Organization level:

gcloud projects create $HOST_PROJECT_ID \
    --organization $FOLDER_OR_ORG_ID \
    --name $HOST_PROJECT_ID

Set the Billing account on this GCP project:

gcloud beta billing projects link $HOST_PROJECT_ID \
    --billing-account $BILLING_ACCOUNT_ID

Set this project as the default project for following gcloud commands:

gcloud config set project $HOST_PROJECT_ID

Check deployments

List the Google Cloud resources created:

gcloud projects describe $HOST_PROJECT_ID